Summer Conferences & Summer Fun

Summers are often associated with relaxed, lazy ways of spending time. The schools also have holidays, and it is basically a time to spend with families and unwind. Schools have holidays, but offices do not, and the employees cannot take long summer leaves. But if these leaves are combined with work and family time, then it adds value and parents can also relax and refresh. Summers are in fact time to relax and refresh.

Chandigarh, the manicure city, is a great combination for fun and business. In fact, Chandigarh is designed such, that people can come down for summers with family, have business and spend time enjoying with families. There are many conference halls in Chandigarh designed to fulfil this purpose of business cum family time.

Chandigarh as a business hub

Chandigarh located next to Delhi, has been a good hotspot for business activities. Not only because it is located next to Delhi, but also because it has great business opportunities holding within it. Chandigarh has always been in news for its well-planned and maintained urban city. People also like to conduct business in a city like this, free of commotion, usually found in other cities. Business people gather here for meetings and conference; hence Chandigarh has some great convention centres.

Chandigarh as a family holiday destination (tourist Spot)

Apart from being a hotspot for business, Chandigarh has many tourist spots that can be enjoyed with family. While on business, people can plan getaway to very enchanting and entertaining spots like- Pinjore Garden, Rock Garden, Sukhna lake, open hand monument and can take a group bicycle ride and open double-decker tourist bus ride.

How Messe Global compiles both

Messe Global is one of the best convention centres in Chandigarh, suitable for all kinds of business activity. It has all the facilities and structure required for business conference, meetings and other activities. It is also a very happening place for families. While the business people are busy with the meetings, the families and can have a gala time in and around Messe Global compound.

Messe Global centre has exhibitions that sport latest products to shop, and live events like stand-up comedy or orchestra programs that can be equally enjoyed. Messe global is quite active, humming and buzzing with weekend daily footfall close to 90,000. Other entertainment areas like multiplex (PVR Cinemas) food court, funzone, restaurants and shopping arena with top brands, also keep the fun and entertainment quotient high.

Messe Global has one of the most elite, AC meeting rooms in Chandigarh for holding close business, complete with high speed uninterrupted WIFI. The inhouse facility accompanied with good quality food and hospitality is ideal for summers. Summer time means free, relax and enjoy. There are many indoor and outdoor activities for the families to relax and unwind.

The outdoor area and the secured rooftop area for live events, is one of the high points of Messe Global, where one can enjoy the open summer breeze combined with high frenzy events.

Usually companies plan a summer outdoor work schedule with families to encourage interaction among the families and to get relaxed and work done outside the office space. This has become quite a trend in India also, and there is no better place than Chandigarh, to choose for both business and family outing. Whether its nightlife or the weekend activities or shopping extravaganza, or wonderful cuisine, Messe Global has lot of activities running for vacationers.

Understanding the summer buzz, Messe Global is booked with entertainment and exhibitions throughout summers. Lot of business people enjoy their visit and stay at Messe global. Because of its location and high presence, the exhibitions also gain good profits during summers, and look foreword to holding exhibitions and performing during summers.

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