Convention Centres in India

Messe Global is the most happening event arena – Convention centre in Chandigarh. It has a refreshing and high on tone appeal that is a brawny point for any event. An event is half scored with its selection of venue, hence a lot of importance is laid on the selection of venue. The venue rentals also understand this well and hence chip all their expertise on it. Its also significant to understand the regular upgradation of the venues according to nature of fashion and requirement.

Convention centres in India, have become a gratifying business across India. Mostly these venues were constructed keeping in mind marriages functions, but now venues have various other occupations, and hence must be very flexible and accommodating according to the nature of events. More thoughts are poured in while constructing and designing event venues to accommodate and compromise both new and old trends.



The most important feature and requirement of a venue is its location. However good a venue is its loses its populace if its located in between a tacky place or far outside, taking quite a time to reach. But Messe Global is in one of the best place suitable for all types of function, attracting enough paparazzi. Located in the most convenient and lucrative spot for events, exhibitions, marriage, and related occasions, it encompasses 6500 sqm outdoor facilities and a 1000 sqm pre-function area and 3000 sqm Exhibition Hall. Its location in elite area makes it easy accessible and reachable, granting privacy and enjoyment one seeks.

Suitability for all occasions

Marriage – marriage is a big event in India and is celebrated with much grandeur and splurge. The marriage events are elaborate and require various settings and arena to accomplish it. Messe Global offers two three settings that are great for organizing functions. There is a big hall inside and the outdoor location is equally grand. Effective staffs well maintain the area. There is also in-house kitchen for the caterers to set in.All the marriage events are accomplished beautifully under one roof.

Events, Exhibitions, Expo’s, Conventions, Seminars, Live Shows, Banqueting, Conferences etc.

Seldom there is a place that is so well equipped and comfortable to hold such a wide variety of functions with great expertise plus offer the settings required differently for each. Messe global is constructed in such a way that it offers grandeur and a certain degree of pride for the host.The compound is fully equipped with in-house Wi-Fi, latest amenities, great support staff, cleanliness and great maintenance and interior paramount for a class event. It is one of the best meeting rooms in India, with VIP lounges, for personal meetings and first-class, AC conference hall for an official group meeting.

Messe Global is equipped with ample parking space and a favourable exhibition centre for both B2B and B2C events.  Many live events and shows have been organized here with aplomb and ease without any commotion regarding parking space and management of events,

Spreading out

After implanting their foot strongly in Chandigarh, Messe Global is out to tune in some of the most happening cities in India. It is trying to gain ground in cities like- LUCKNOW, RAIPUR, JAIPUR, AND NAGPUR. All these cities are great and have deep cultural and historical background to attract people.

Price point

Messe Global is relativelycosy on price factor and does not disappoint the customers. The venues across India have become quite expensive, charging a whopping price, that becomes distasteful, and diminishes the mood of the vent. The price factor is an important quotient to keep the business occupied. Messe Global is well into the business for a good time and has got the insight to offer the best within the best price, thereby keeping its customers well hooked.


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